Why has he suddenly stopped calling me?

I met this really sweet guy at a party and he was very keen on me. He smothered me in attention and we chatted all through the evening. As I was leaving he quickly pecked me on the lips and asked me to call him. I didn't have his number so he cheekily asked me to get it from a mutual friend. I decided not to do this and sure enough our mutual friend contacted me asking me if it would be ok for him to give him my number. I agreed and he called me the next day to meet up but I couldn't that evening.

The next day I went away for a long weekend and he stayed in touch, calling every now and again to see how I was. When I got back home he immediately called to see me again and we met the next day.

Again, he smothered me in attention and did everything he could to impress me and, I must admit, it worked and we ended up kissing more passionately that eveing. We agreed to meet the following day and he called and we met up at another party with our respective friends. He was so excited to see me and introduced to everyone he knew. His friends were interested to get to know me and things seemed like they were going well until he told me he had to leave because he had work the next day but promised he's call me as soon as he's finished to meet me again. He kissed me and left.

The next day I went out with a girlfriend and waited to hear from him but he never got in touch. I sent him a casual text message to say hello and invite him over to where we were. He never replied and never called me back.

It's been 3 days now since I last heard from him. Was it wrong of me to send him a text message? And what can I do now to make him call me back?

I just can't make heads or tails about how someone can be so interested in you one day and not the next.
Why has he suddenly stopped calling me?
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