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I love my boyfriend but I'm in love with this other guy more, he said it would be weird if I loved him so I didn't tell him yet and he has a GF, but my cousin ALWAYS talks to him and said he would dump her for me, problem is she is my best friend (that he's going out with) She said she didn't care but I think she does. What do I do, do I break up with my current BF, stay with him, tell the other guy how I feel? I've already been heartbroken by this guy before though he said he swear he would never do it again!


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  • Follow your heart. But I bet you a million it will ruin yours and your friend's relationship up. And if he does it once he'll do it again and if he's willing to break it off with his current girlfiend he might be willing to break it off with you for another girl. Guys are dogs they are like that.


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  • I think that's wrong cause if you and your friend are anything like mine we would be pissed and wanna kick their ass. It's dumb but usually when they say they don't care, they really do care but yeah I agree with nicollette angelique follow your heart! I hope the best for u!

  • Which guy have you been heartbroken by?

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