Falling for my ex after already getting over her for the past year and a half?

Am I an idiot? We "liked" each other on and off for 3 years, with the last 6 months of that actually dating. I graduated, she broke it off, I went away to college, she found a rebound that lasted until I got back from college, she tried to get things going again but I had already been fully over her. Months went by and we texted on and off, became good friends. It finally ended up that she came to a college & career group that I was apart of, and seeing her face to face got me interested again. From there I steadily got the old feelings back for her. We went out once as friends and to catch up. I am quite sure she has feelings as well, I've talked to others whom she's talked to, plus I've known her now for a long time.

Anyways, this sucks. I get that jealous pit feeling when I think about her being with someone else. Part of me wants to go out with her but I also haven't seen much growth in maturity these past couple of years.

Should I ask her out and risk crushing her heart if things don't work out? Or should I stop talking to her, get back to where I was with being over her, and just consider her a friend once again?

I don't ever go in this site for stuff like this, and I feel kind of foolish doing it, so keep that in mind.


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  • It's okay, I've been stuck in the same situation for 4 years with the whole on/off crap. Only difference is that I don't think the guy I loved has the same feelings. Best advice I've given myself is:
    Don't waste your time with a relationship that you know won't work out in the end. It'll feel good to be with them again, but in the end you'll just end up heart broken and set back to square one. Personally, the guy I loved asked me out again, but I declined. I knew that it just wouldn't work, and that it'll just be another on/off love. It really hurt to see him walk away, but trust me, there's more people out there who you can have a REAL relationship with.


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