Does she not wanna talk to me or was she just busy and tired from work? Please HELP!

so I'm a musician and I want to be different, so I decided to personally drop off my first album to people's houses this summer who pre ordered it. One person that re ordered is my crush that i think is interested in me. I asked her if she wanted an album and she said yes. Then I asked her for her number and she gave it freely ( I need addresses to peoples houses, and that's the main reason I asked for her number, but I also want to talk to her, and my album was my excuse to get her number). so the week after school ends I texted her and asked for her address so I could drop off the album. she gave me her address and asked why I don't just mail it which started a little conversation. She texted back really fast in the end, but didn't reply to my last two tests, which I said goodnight just to be polite. that had me like "that's strange and rude for jasmine. She had been texting back fast, then stops and doesn't even say goodnight?" I texted her yesterday though, and said "hey Jasmine, its David W, how's your day going?" I was trying to talk, but also had to know if she would be busy so I could drop off the album or not, and I got no reply! She said she works a lot and she gets back late at times and doesn't know when she is working or not, so I kinda give her the benefit of the doubt. Does she not wanna talk though, or do you think she was just busy and tired both times? Please help, Thanks!!


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  • I don't think she wants to talk. If I was in her situation, I would make time to talk to someone who is personally delivering an album and-that too as a gift-just out of politeness if nothing else, even if I'm super busy. You seem to have made clear your interest, but I don't know if she is welcoming it...but that could just be me and she is honestly very bogged down with work.
    Maybe you could text her a little more, and flirt a little to gauge her interest-some girls just need the guys to be very direct.

    • Best of luck with your music btw!

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  • From my experience if a guy I like texts me im off head heels replying to them as soon as I can, but like you said if she usually text you back fast then she could be genuinely busy. Try talking and getting to know her (if you don't already) when you drop of the album, and then later on you could text her asking how she liked it. If she consistently doesn't reply to your text then i would says she is not interested though if she takes a while but still replies then she wants to talk. But don't be too clingy and send text after text it makes the guy seem desperate and or creepy, good luck!


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