Cloud he be in to me? Could use some assistance?

So I met this guy at a summer restaurant night job. I am a grad student, and he's an engineer and was there with some of his company.

Long story short, I asked for his number and after after a few days of casual texting, he made a joke about an online site we are both on that he found me on! I am super bashful about being on the site. And I told him I had mixed feelings about it and often deleted my profile, when I got sick of creepy messages. I guess I impressed him by getting his number and calling him (in his words making the first move) and we went out to brunch on Sunday. He told me he spilled beer on his phone the night before...and it wasn't working...After two hours of him laughing at my bad jokes, looking shy when I tried to flirt, he hugged me and said we'd have to do his again when he gets back from work trip outta state on the 21st.

I logged back into the dating profile to message him to say thanks (since he didn't have a phone) he gave me his e-mail address to talk there. We have plans for me to meet his dog and go for a hike when he's back in town. I just checked tonight and he's still online site (I hope he didn't notice me on). We went on one date. Its not a big deal to me he's still on there. I just deleted mine because I didn't like the site anyways, and I am an optimist. If this goes to pieces I may get it back again...

Here's the thing, he thinks I made a move, but I wouldn't call getting a number much of anything..When its a number you have NOTHING to loose so its easy. But in person I am WAAAY to scared to kiss him.

Second of all, he really wants a relationship he openly told me that and us hanging out again was his idea that we talked about on our first date...I think he's really shy...I don't want to scare him away...any advice...i haven't met a guy like him in FOREVER its super nice to have someone really want to get to know me...

I guess I am wondering what do? I can't control him, but any suggestions?


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  • i would also call it "making the first move" if a girl asked me for my number because you don´t ask an ugly asshole for his number so you are the first to show interest. i think everything sounds peachy and you should just go on in the same way. maybe if he is so shy, you´ll have to make the first move for kissing and maybe even all the other good stuff ;) but i think you can do it!


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