Would you consider it white knight syndrome, or something else?

What would compel a guy to get into a relationship with a chick who's known for sleeping around and has a really shady history?

All too often, I hear of guys looking to avoid women like this, or just use them for sex and move along.

The guy in question, is he suffering from white knight syndrome? Insecure? Desperate?

In your experiences/opinion, why would a guy do this? Guys keep insisting on finding good women, but then I see some partner up with less than stellar women (and then later on whine about how they got screwed).


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  • their time of their life. young guys aren't ready to settle down with the "right" woman


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  • Can you answer the question why so many decent looking women date the most morally corrupt and repulsive guys (sometimes these guys are NOT EVEN GOOD LOOKING) over and over.

    The raw sexual nature of humans is based on primitive and obsolete evolutionary cues that this so called 'evolved' body cannot detect. Women still seek reproduction with the 'alpha' male who can push around other males despite modern society no longer requiring too much pushing everywhere.

    Men still seek numerous mates to increase their offspring and thus fitness due to their low reproductive cost and need for more control despite them not actually having children with any of the women they bang.

  • what you said. loser, desperate, needs sex. no man wants a ho. sure some say they do but those men, I don't know i dont think women would really be too happy about landing them.

    • Well when i see it happen, it's like...did you miss the memo? It's why I think it may be a bit of white knight. "Oh look, she's damaged and has issues. I can save her!" Relationships aren't for saving people... Meanwhile, those around them are going "wtf are you doing?"

      My brother got into a similar situation. The chick isn't a hoe or anything, but the situation was one that most guys would go running from. He ran toward her, all wanting to be the hero. :/

    • i left a women i had a deep feelings for because she was a ho. i wanted nothing other then to spend every day with her but when she was gone and i was alone with my thoughts i was like damn, how can you respect yourself. it really got to me and i felt it would just grow with time when relationships get hard and commitment gets real

    • At least you had some sort of realization and learned from the mistake. Too many guys end up like the commenter above and just want to blame others for their faults. Sometimes, you have to really think about what happened, chalk it up to a learning experience, and use it as a guide of what you DON'T want in a relationship.

  • perhaps you should blame the woman instead of the man guys are desperate for love and sex which is normal but the problem is girls are not desperate, so a guy has to get whats available cause a man has no control over sex its the woman who controls sex and its always been that way.

    • ...no.

      What's wrong with your view of reality? You want to absolve men of all responsibility of their actions, why?

      Go fix yourself and come back with a real answer, kthx.

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    • This isn't the truth. It's some bitter man child whining like a little bitch.

    • dont hate me :( i didn't do anything to you,

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  • Because he just want's to fuck her :/

    • Probably. But why make it a relationship and not just keep her around as a friends with benefits or a booty call? These guys are kinda baffling, tbh. One example that I know of got with one of these chicks, she had a history of drug use, and he's dropping tons of cash on her within the first 2 months of the relationship. Meanwhile, everyone around him is wondering wtf he's doing putting a crown on a piece of trash and calling it a relationship.

    • *she also had a history of drug use

    • hmmm maybe he thought he couldn't get anyone better :/