Never been on a date with her (she doesn't date) yet, I can't stop thinking about her, and want to tell her I like her?

i haven't seen her in 3 months. we dont even date because she doesn't really date anymore. i can't stop thinking about her and want to tell her i like her. i know i shouldn't but i can't help it. what should i do?

lol, i gave best answer to a spam answer, just to be funny


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    • oh wait, you're real, shit. sorry about that. it looked like spam, my bad

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  • Just tell her you like her. Whatever happened afterwards will happen but at least you satisfied your need to tell her and if it doesn't work, move on. Don't waste time brooding over this one when you could spend it elsewhere on girls that are crying for your attention.

    Besides, what do you have to loose? Humiliation? If you feel humiliated that's because you feel you've done something pathetic and embarrassing. Confessing your feelings is not a weakness it's a strength. And that makes you Fucking brave in my book.

  • do what you feel is right , you dont wanna regret later that u didn't do something when you had all it takes.

  • Tell her how you feel I don't know why you say you shouldn't tell her but do it anyways cause you never know plus life is to short

    • because why should i?

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    • Well because if you like her she deserves to know and you if you haven't seen her in three months and still think about her your probably gonna keep thinking about her and if you say you want to you should what's the worse that could happen?

    • I've heard horror stories

  • If there's a way to see her, make an effort and then ask her out I suppose. Even if she doesn't date anymore just say you think you would have a nice time with one another. If she says no then there's nothing else to do but move on, really

    • i did that once with another girl. she said yes but i later found out she lied

    • she said yes to your date, and then she lied? What? Please clarify

    • yeah this other girl i asked out. she said yes, but, well, it turns out she was seeing another guy, and pregnant

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