Everytime I like a girl I mess it up?

everytime I like a girl I mess up the introductory message, what should I say?


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  • If you have just met them just start with small talk in person like 'hey' then slowly keep building up chats with them. Try and be open and approachable so they notice you're a good guy to start with.

    If its online do the same, start with small talk the let it go from there. Online differs from if you met them online, haven't spoke in person or know them well.

    Basically just start with a cool and casual conversation and use that for a while till you build confidence to ask them out. Getting with someone can take a lot of time and effort but in the end its all worth it. :)


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  • Umm... Could you give an example?

    • hi hows it going, hope you've had a great week, after that mind just goes blank, frozen shock etc

    • Like online? The world's your oyster man. You've got the whole internet at your disposal.

    • that's true dude online or offline does make a difference :)

  • Just speak to them as you would anyone else. I used to have the same problem where I'd build someone up in my idea without knowing them and then felt pressured when I had to speak to them.

    Just make small talk and go from there.

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