I'm in love with my pen pal? Not sure what to do.?

I think I'm in love with my pen pal. She's this girl from America and I'm from Hong Kong. I'm not sure if she's interested in me and we've known each other for more than a month. So far, we've only been communicating through email and through Facebook messaging, that's all. I've thought of going to America to visit her but it would take a long time since I'd have to work to earn money for air tickets and expenses over there and that may take years since I'm currently studying now. I do plan on moving to America after I graduate though.

Anyway, is it possible to fall in love with someone whom you've never met in person? If so, should I tell her that I'm interested in her at this stage we're at?


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  • Woah man? U even been to america? Very different culture, so that is one...the other, that unless you have been skyping, or otherwise doing some sort of video chat...is it very difficult to take a person for everything they are...people can look at pictures, text or messaging, but its never a full representation until you have a real interactive talk with someone. I suggest u take the time and ask u guys can vid chat.

    • and even they have video chats...can it be love?

    • Certainly, but know that u may love the person they are being and maybe not the person they really are..

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