What qualities do you look for in a partner?

What makes you think you could see your self with someone?
Say you were dating or had just met, what makes you think you would want to get to know them better?
Like are they sweet and caring or funny? Ect..


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  • 1) Confident and playful (Aggressive) in a way - I find this characteristic fun and exciting, rather than someone who is always serious and such a downer over jokes or simple tease.
    2) Pretty sweet and thoughtful - I like a guy who can be a big meanie a few times but still think about my well being often.
    3) Always communicates throughly with me - Guys who don't just ignore all my texts or emails. Communication is a big part of a relationship.
    4) Shows simple affection - Kissing, holding hands, cuddling, etc.


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What Guys Said 2

  • 1. Adoration - This is something that men need...they won't admit it...but it's very important.
    2. Loyalty - She and I are 100% on each others side.
    3. Compassion/empathy for others - I admire someone with a soft heart. The inability to sense the needs of others around her will flow right on through to our marriage. The ability to know what each other is feeling without words is really important. There has to be that connection.
    4. Passion. - I want my woman to have a zest for life!

  • Funny, intelligent, kindness. Those qualities exist in various amounts in all my best friends. I would demand nothing less from a partner.


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  • They have to be deep, witty, and quick. I love it when a guy can catch me off guard and make me think. The romance should feel like a game of chess. I prefer intelligent guys who challenge me to think outside of my box. But the moment I start to think I'm just a toy, or it's all just a game to them, I'm out.