How to adapt to poor conversationalists on dates?

I'm getting back in the dating pool, which can be a very tedious place.

Most of the guys I'm around (family) have exceptional social skills. So I'm not really well practiced at dealing with the guys who aren't so interesting.

Any tips? I find myself knee deep in mundane monologues the most often. Followed by TMI guy who drowns me in his life story. For the record, these two types of women corner me more than average at social events, too.

How to avoid this or to rescue the conversation to make it more likely to bring about a mutual connection?


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  • I think starting to make meaningful questions, saying something like, Do you mind if we skip small talk and expose more of your true self.


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  • Don't adapt. Move on. If you can't have an interesting conversation, you probably can't have a worthwhile relationship.

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    • You could just put their hand down your pants. That will make it less boring and awful.

    • Hahaha! There have been some cute but dumb guys where the thought crossed my mind ;)

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