How to get girls attention on online dating sites to make them reply and get their attention on me?

On online dating how or what to ask make the girl reply becuz they got tooo much msgs and frndrqst thats why not rply nd ignore...what to ask girl or says to get rply and date online


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  • Its hard to say. You could try spelling out your words for starters and always use spell check! For me, shorthand is only for when you're typing on anything but an actual keyboard. Forgive me if you're not. Altho, just sayin... you'd be surprised how many girls are grammer Nazis and will judge the level of intelligence a guy has by the way he types/spells. With that said, I too get a gazillion messages in my online dating inbox! And dont possibly have the time it would take to read them all, but I do skim just to see if something catches my eye. I look for originality. Something that's not the same thing everybody everyday asks like, "whatcha doin right now, tomorrow, this weekend?" cuz we'll just think its none of your business, lol. The more original of what you come up with,. the better your chances of getting reply. Try and say something no one else could have thought of. AND to offer a little secret about us women... we like helping people when we can (it makes us feel good, lol). So ask for her advice on something (again be original!). We also like expressing ourselves, so asking her opinion on something offers another good chance of getting us to reply. Just keep the topics light... nothing too debatable (like ex gf's, sex or abortion) cuz we DONT wanna talk about that! Yet again, just try being original. Something else to better your chances is to have a good profile pic (not a default pic with a question mark on it, lol). One that shows your face (smiling) and doesn't include your abs, pecs, tongue or any other body part in the pic. I'll just tell ya right now, if you're holding your shirt up to expose your naval with a rico-suave grin on your face... chances are good you'll be blocked, lol. We women hate those arrogant type of pics!

    • This is spot on. ******* no one else needs to comment if you read this. =)

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  • be damn good looking, have pictures that aren't selfies, be educated and have a great job, your own place, and start out your message with something besides "hi" or "hello".


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