Did I ask her out too quickly?

So I asked this shy girl out after I got the impression she liked me. She was shy around me in comparison to other people, she blushed around me, giggled around me, never initiated contact, never carried on conversations unless I did and she would often walk past me ignoring my presence.

I decided to bite the bullet and just ask her out with the hope of getting to know her better and well she turned me down and there is awkwardness now, which has led her to carry on ignoring me, avoid me and act as though I don't exist.

Did I ask her out too early?


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  • Either you misinterpreted her body language/mannerisms OR she is literally so shy that she rejected you in fear that she would have to let her guard down to date you. I do applaud you for taking the risk and asking her out! Probably for the better she rejected your offer because she seems to be REALLY immature based on how she is acting.


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  • It's really a personal thing. I'm extremely shy but if i liked a guy i would say yes. One of my friends (also shy) got asked out by her crush nd turned him down though. She spent days freaking out about it. Its really about the individual.


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  • 'she would often walk past me ignoring my presence"
    Are you sure , she likes you? Because she would not do that, no matter how much she is shy, she may at least pass a smile.

    • She would smile at me if we made eye contact, but if I was busy doing something she'd walk right past. Now I am not saying she was definitely interested, I never can tell 100% if a girl likes me or not, I tend to just act on my gut instinct and I'm quite impulsive which has led me to jump the gun and ask her out.

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    • Well, if you take it positively , then nothing is better than that :)
      Of course, you can try reducing conversation with her, so if she likes you, she will initiate herself :)

    • I'm just going to say hello to her and keep things pleasant, I'm not even going to bother trying to mend things or to try and change her mind, if she's interested then she can come and find me, the ball is in her court.

      I was just wondering if with shy girls you have to approach things in a less direct manner, so for future reference. I'm quite direct and quite forward and this may well be intimidating for someone who is shy.