I am afraid of developing romance and strong feeling. What can I do?

I have dated a guy only once, he was slightly autistic. Really nice but quite selfish. It ended pretty roughly and I haven't been able to let any other guy close to me after it. It washard before but now it's just ridiculous. Guy talks to me and I have no problem. Then he says that it would be nice to go on a date, I freak out, turn of my phone and start ignoring him.

Later I start thinking WTF I did it again.

What should I do? How can I stop this behavior? I'm bubbly and funny girl and like hanging out with guys but can't tolerate romantic feelings EVEN THOUGH I would like to have a relationship again


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  • Just give it a shot. You can't let one person ruin your relationship chances. Everyone isn't the same.


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  • Either go on a date with him, and give him (or anyone else for that matter) the chance...or never ever date anyone again for the rest of your life and be scared of ever being in another relationship. Sounds harsh, but that's what it comes down to. If he gives you a reason to not go on a date, then fine. But if you don't want to give him a chance because of your past, then you have to work that out within yourself.


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