Should I contact him after rejected me?

We dated a few times, he knew my uncles and cousins, I already visited his home and I met his best friend...when I confessed he rejected me. He told me that he didn't mean to make me fall for him. It's been 2 months since then and I want to be friends with him again. He randomly posts comments on my Facebook photos but never initiates conversations. I still like him a little but I'm already interested in someone else although that's not given on my facebook. I wanna contact him again without looking like I want to win him back. I wanna be friends again since that's the real purpose of our relationship in the first place. Should I start talking to him? If yes, how? If no, when? Or wait for him to contact me? Thank you very much! xoxo

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  • This is just me... I don't need a bunch a people on my friends list to feel happy in life. I am happy with my main group. If a girl turned me down, I would have zero interest in trying to maintain a friendship with her. I have other friends to hang with that have no drama or awkwardness attached to them.


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