Boys tell me how you would take this statement?

Ok so I'm going to take people's advice from an earlier question I asked about a guy I'm dating. I'm going to be like a train and derail and kiss him. I don't know how to go about it so this is what I think I'll say ( imagine a romantic atmosphere because we will be in one when I say this to him) : " after our talk last night I feel that we need to see once and for all if we can make this work so I'm going to take my friends advice (That's you guys) and kiss you." After I say this I think that he will say what he always says which is I don't want to disrespect you , but to that I'll say: " we are like a train , we need to derail and kiss already ! " and I'll kiss him. What do you think boys?

Keep in mind this guy and I were friends for four years and he is a little inexperienced so he hasn't made a move on me and he will barley touch me.


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  • You could just floor him and go for the kiss. Worked on me, Katie kept asking me to kiss her but I was too damn shy to. I looked around the area to see if anyone's around, then as I went back to look at her again,...bang! I was on the floor and she was on top of me and kissing me on the lips. I ended up falling for her as a result.

    My advice would be - Don't be gentle, just go for it.
    Hope that helps in some way...


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