Recurring dreams every night?

So this guy who has been crushing on me finally asked me out. The first date was amazing we had a drink talked and then went back to my apartment to watch a movie. He opened up for the first time and then he kissed me when I was trying to finish the sentence. I felt that spark everything just froze and it never happened to me before. And a few dates after that affection wore off. Our last date ended in a hug so let me get straight to the point. But this recurring dream making our the whole intimacy grows stronger and I really want that back. Why do recurring dreams like these happen to us? What does it mean. I remember every single detail and it's driving me nuts what do I do?


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  • i didnĀ“t quite get, what was a dream and what was real in your story.

    • Sorta both.

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    • it means, that you fantasize about him. sadly it has nothing to do with reality. i do it every time, i have a crush...your dream serves you just the feeling you are longing for. if they could exist in reality are a totally different story.

    • thanks for mh :)

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