Does he want to be more than friends?

so I've been talking to this guy, he asked me out on a date and it went really well. He texts me everyday and the odd days he asks me to come out for a spin. He's constantly texting me and sayin things like next time I'll cook for u. I'm confused because I don't know if he's stringing me along/using me for sex or wants to know me bit better? I want to ask him but how do I without scaring him off?


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  • Do you have sex every time you meet up with him?

    • Met up 3 times and twice yes.i asked him before where we stand n he said it's a bit of fun, but for someone who just wants 'fun' he texts me an awful lot

    • Guys can be very fixed in their ideas but oblivious to their emotions. The only possible way to force a realization on his part is put a stop to it on the grounds you want more than just "fun". Either he'll realize he wants more or won't and just get it somewhere else. If you're not true to what you want, he's free to keep doing what he wants.

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