Crush embarrasses me, does this mean he doesn't like me?

OK so this is what happened. I felt my crush and his friends were talking about me. Two of his friends called me over to an empty table and asked me "Do you like him?" "How did you get his snap chat?" So i said "why can't he tell me this himself?" OK so they called him over to our table and i was like "So what did you wanna tell me?" directly to him and he got up and left the table. What does this mean? I mean every time i try and talk to him he runs. please help


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  • If he was really shy though would he not just act uncomfortable but still talk if he was really interested? People who are really shy at first have an easier time of using texts or email but if he won't even do that much then something seems a bit weird. How does he act around other girls?

    What if a friend of yours went up to him and said something nice about you and see what his reaction is like?

    • Hm I don't know what he would say.. And he's not shy around other girls at all that's why I'm so confused, but as if today all he kept doing was staring at me even my friend caught him.

    • So you gotta get him in a situation where he can't run away and then just sit and chat to him. Is there a way of riding on the bus and sitting next to him. Join some activity that he is in and maybe eventually he will get comfortable or at least you can figure out why he acts so strange.

      You have tried texting him a direct question? Try texting him and asking him out then see what he does next time you are nearby.

    • Thanks for your advice you really helped me a lot but I'm not sure I'm gonna take another approach I think i have finally done enough already if he liked me I'm sure he would have responded. Now all he has yet to do is stare at my back when I'm turned around. 😁

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  • Can you tell me the whole convo with his friends and their body language? I would be glad to help :)

    • That is pretty much the whole conversation except the girl asked me what my name was and i answered and then i had asked him the question. But he kinda was red and walked over to the table kinda odd, then he just got up and ran the other way when i asked him.

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    • He shuts you out, by walking off? If so he could quite possibly like you but is super shy and nervous around you. He doesn't know how to express his feelings towards you.


      He could be playing a game with his friend and finds it funny to tease you.

      I am thinking the first

    • Yea i get what your saying I just personally don't get how someone can ignore someone that you like he does. And I find it unfair because I am the only girl that he treats this way.