What would you do in this situation with a guy your seeing. Especially if your really like him?

If a guy you been seeing a while tells you he's still wanting to see you but not ready to commit right now in a relationship because he's going on holiday and may come back and might be working over the summer but is interested in the future to commit when he's back would you believ him? Even if your not ready for a relationship yourself right now would you belive or hope that in the future he meant his word and would want a relationship once he's back? I am happy to keep my options open and if somone was willing to take me out i would go because I'm not going to wait around for anyone but I'd like to think he would mean what he said when he's back from travelling abraod for the summer. What do you guys/girls think? He also mentioned "Oh you'll probably find someone else by the time I'm back" In a half/jealous/jokey sort of way , what does that mean?


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  • He must really have special feelings for you if he is willing to pre-commit himself to you. I think he realizes that you won't just stick around waiting for him, hence the jealousy in his voice. I have a feeling that he mean't what he said but continue to explore and just see what happens whenever he comes back.