Random hook-up with my ex boyfriend?

Okay, so a few nights ago my ex boyfriend had a party at his house. I was really nervous about going at first because we haven't really talked since we broke up almost a year ago apart from casual group conversations. Anyway, as we started to drink, he started to first make causal conversation, and then he finally began talking to me directly. He even carried me upstairs because he was afraid that I was too drunk to make it even though I was not. We then began talking to a few other friends and sat next to each other holding hands for a few hours. Finally when the other people in the room left, he kissed me. I have missed him since we broke up, but I was really concerned about giving in to him because I thought he was probably just after me for a hook-up. However, I thought about it, and decided to go with it and went to bed with him later that night when were were already mostly sobered up. We hooked up, and then fell asleep in each other arms. He held me all night long, and I woke up to him caressing my arms and back. Then we were both awake, he told me that he wanted to be friends again, but he doesn't want a relationship because we are both going away to college in the fall. I completely understand this, but at the same time I am really confused over whether or not he still has feelings for me. I would love just to spend the rest of the summer hanging out with him and hooking up, and then being friends in the fall, but I haven't talked to him since it all happened. I'm kinda afraid to because I don't want him to think I'm head-over-heels for him again and scare him away, but I want him to know that I still care for him and want to have at least a summer fling with him before we leave. I just need a guy's opinion on how to handle this situation. Do you think I should tell him this? or just let it go and see if he comes to me? or was it just a one-night-stand? Please help!


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  • i so sorry if my answer hurt you

    but I think he had already make it clare after everything you know. he said that he want to stay friend. it show that he want to have a new girlfriend when the fall come. sometime guy just have sex without feeling of love like we do you know. it a sad thing to admit.

    dont let this happen again. is my best suggestion cause he might only having fun and in the end you are the only one getting hurt!

    friend is okay but no sex. sex is only when you two back together. don't make mistake by doing that dude. like I said if you fall for him, you are the only one getting hurt.

    good luck.