A girl chased me and then got my attention...but I gotta feeling she losing interest now.?

I met a girl at a club, and we had a 2 hours long fun and nice conversation I remember that she was laughing so hard and she liked talking to me..we had a date sat we going to meet some where but she didn't show up then 3 weeks later she added me on FB and she was like I sent u a message but u ignored me..she toldi added u cz I wanted to apologize I couldn't come that day..then we sat another date we went out we had fun dancing...etc we kept dating for 1 month..2 weeks. I made rush step I asked to be my girlfriend it was fast but I felt good with her being around..she started to change after that a lot...summer we talked about she told I like you being around I like spending time with you but I don't feel love to you and I don't even feel a lead to it..i said I understand maybe it was a rush move..i kissed her and kissed her forehead and left to work..that night we were suppose to go out at night but I couldn't make it cz of work I left late..and through the text she didn't reply me if we going out or not to confirm..i left late I went to a club with friends then I saw her there by a chance..i texted " I really didn't know I would be bothering you that much." and 2nd day she texting me telling why r u doing this you can't judge some1..etc and she was mad...I gave her 2 weeks space seems going to be intense she obviously lose interest but she missed me after these 2 weeks and text me about her stuff she forgot in my car and same time she told if u don't mind talking about why is it like that now if you time...


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  • She may simply one of those girls that aren't looking for anything serious. she may be a bit immature and just looking for a fun time, unfortunately.

    • I had some of her stuf in my car she forgot it...last night she is asking about it...first time she asked about she said she wanted to talk but couple days late which is yesterday she sent me and just asking about her stuff,,, is she taking that as an excuse to see me or she just wants her stuff?and she told if I can meet u in the morning or at ur work to take the stuff...

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