When do you stop going with your heart and go with your head?

So I've been dating this guy for 4 months now , and I gotta say the last two months have been hell for me. I feel like I have to fight with him sometimes just to spend time with him, but when we are together he treats me like a queen and he shows me how much he really cares for me but once we're not together he treats me like he only likes me a little. Hardly calls me and doesn't keep up with plan. I don't know I guess I'm confused a lot because my head is telling me to get over it and move on but my heart tells me to stick it out. I guess I'm more into the guy I use to know , because he wasn't always like this . In the beginning he was the perfect guy would call me a lot make plans with me, so sweet. & when I try to leave him he wins me back . I need a little advice from the guys & ladies . Thanks


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  • there could be a couple reasons for this, the "magic" could be lost for him, if that is the case then write him a note just saying I love you, or call if he won't you call him, or something is going down in his life, ask him if something is wrong and if you can help him in some way, some times the chemistry dies, make-out a little or dress a little more revealing but not slutty, like wear a tank top and some jeans stuff like that and if all else fails tell him that its over but stand your ground, if he talks you into staying its actually a form of emotional abuse (its usually not counted as actual abuse but it is) Good Luck!

  • maybe you are making yourself to available for him. Sounds like a very familiary situation many girls have found themselves in .

    Read the book. "why men love bitches"

    hope this helps