Crushing on two 8th graders and one freshmen and im lost...?

Okay so I have a feeling this is going to be really long... So I like 3 people currently and one of them is in the same grade as me, and we used to talk a lot but suddenly we don't talk anymore... But I've known him for 4 yrs~ And before we used to talk, people used to say that we both like each other, but recently I talked to him on Facebook saying that he likes a girl in 8th grade ;(

The other guy is in 8th grade and I've known him for 5 months, since he asked me for my number. And I he told me multiple times that he likes me, but since im in a complicated stage right now, I rejected him... But recently I've been only thinking of him as a friend.

And lastly, another 8th grade guy and we are in the same class in French and we were just friends then he said that he also liked me, but didn't specifically mention my name.

So im really confused and sad right now cuz yesterday was my graduation and im not going to see the other two 8th graders around in school and it sucks... And im scared of being the youngest one again...

  • The 8th grade dude, who i've known for 5 months
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  • The other 8th grade dude, who i've known since the first day of school
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  • The freshmen dude ;D
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  • Go for whoever you like the most. If that doesn't work go for the next best. Then the next best. If that fails go for anyone that will have you

    But kind of pointless to go out with anyone you can't see very often so freshman wins


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  • We need more specifics, what kind of person you are, what kind of people the others are, stuff like that


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  • it seem like the guy u known for 5 months sound better from the rest.