I don't know if she loves me amore?

I'm not sure if my girlfriend still loves me she hasn't wanted to hang out in awhile she use to always want to hang out she always said she loved me but lately it stopped and last week her sister "tried hooking her up with a guy" and now we barely talk at all what do I do?


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  • That happened in my relationship too, my bf and I both have bad our fair share of talking to other people on the sneak. It's a shItty feeling and I never wanna do that again. Hopefully she's not doing the same, because it's hard to get over

  • I think you should surprise her with something special. Show up at her doorstep with flowers and some food. Girls love food and flowers (:

    • they actually prefer words, more than flowers and food. he just needs to tell her how he feels

    • interesting pic by the way

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