Confused really like him he acting like going somewhere then boom?

Hi I started dating this guy last 3months he texted everyday , dinner dates or movies every week , didn't sleep together till after 1st 6 weeks , he seem interested then I texted him when I was drunk asking if I could come up he told me no then I asked hin I only one he sleeping with because he been going to wedding week b4 and didn't invite me as date or work do either then he went cold didn't text for a day then said he didn't want a relationship or to continue because he doesn't want to hurt me in long run , my friends said gave him a month then text him but I dont know I really liked him been single years to a bad break up but this guy chased me and gave me scores on what i weared ano and be in charge he 34 and im 28 and because of a drunken text he ends it


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  • It sounds to me like he's playing you and that you should move on


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