I like this guy but he likes other woman? Urgent!!

I like this guy. he's 29 and a TV actor. I met him 4 months ago.
He is nice and cute.
He is currently playing the role of a mythological character and the show and all its actors including him have received lots of popularity on the net.

He has plenty of female fans. And has few female friends as well.
He has worked in so many shows with so many beautiful female co actresses working as his on-screen wife or girlfriend but he never got involved with them romantically.
Except one actress girl.

This actress girl hails from the same state as him. She is in his Facebook friend list as well. I don't know how he knows her because they have never worked together in a show
I guess they met each other through mutual friends or know each other beforehand.

He was on a break from his shoots and as the younger sister of the actress claims, they met each other as they were travelling on the same flight, both going to the same place.
They were both sitting next to each other and this dude clicked two pictures of them.

The actress girl sent both the pics to her younger sister who is a big fan of his show and she later uploaded the pics on twitter.

Like i have seen his pics and usually its always himself in the pics with someone else taking his shots, but this time he took a pic of both of them.

Do you think he likes this girl or she is just a friend whom he met after some time?


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  • Unless you actually know him on a personal level, I doubt there's much you can do. If you're just a fan of him, you can't expect him to never start liking anyone. Yes, it sounds like he might like her.

    • how does it sound he likes her?

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    • But you said that they met on that flight for the first time or something? And that that's when they took the picture?

    • no i think you misread it. They were travelling on the same flight. they know each other before hand

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  • Are you even in contact with him or just another fangirl of his? It seems they both know each other for quite some time, and as society is moulded here, they have a better chance of being hooked up together unless you're also an actress or a model.

    • I am in contact with him.

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    • I think close friends/colleagues, it is possible they may go on a date in the future if the interaction between them remains positive.

    • ok thanks

  • If you've actually met him I don't know but it sounds like fangirl


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  • You sounds fucking obsessed. Dude he needs a restraining order.

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