Should I Give Up On This Girl? Or One Last Text?

Know her from time on a film set when at a party she comes up, chats give me signs she might be interested. So I give it a day then send the following message,

"Hey A, It was lovely to see you at the ball Monday! We should hang out and go for a drink some time. Are you free today/tommorow?"

She responds a few hours later around six with,

"Hey Could do tomorrow night :-)"

Looking good right? I give it twenty mins before responding with,

"That'd be good Would you be okay to meet at around six or seven?"

And then no response and it's now tomorrow. And I know she's seen it too. That's the full extent of contact and I don't think there's anything needy. Put it granted not a lot of flirtation but that was done in person and she'd pretty much signed she was interested so what's happened?

What advice do you guys have? My gut tells me send one more text today like at 2 saying, "Hey A, you still up for that drink tonight? Shall we meet at 7, outside of the GOMA?" and then making that my final contact on that level. Or is it a complete write-off already?

P.S I wouldn't turn up if I didn't get a response or she said no/


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  • If you're positive that she has seen the message then there's no need to send anything else. It seems then as if she's not interested by ignoring your offer. I think that's very bad manners on her behalf and you can do so much better... seriously.

  • she is the one to reply to confirm the time of your if she still doesn't responds then move on


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