Musician or dancer? That is the question. Ladies, which do you prefer?

That's basically it. If you had to chose one guy (everything else being equal) would you chose and amazing musician or an amazing dancer?

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And both is not an option. lol


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  • That's a tough one.
    Musician because I love to sing so he would sing and play for me.
    Dancer because I love to dance and I'm really good at it.
    Ugh I know both can't be it, darn! They go hand in hand, both hear and feel the music
    but this time I'll go with A, just because I feel like dancing and I want a good dancer lol. Although I would want a guy to sing for me and with me.
    Sooo, voted A

    • Thanks for MH!

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  • None of the guys I know dance. They all can play some kind of instrument. A change would be nice from time to time.,,

  • Musician. I'm a musician as well so we can play music together :)

  • Musician for sure :)


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