Men, what do you expect in the first date?

on a first date, what do you expect from the girl?


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  • 1. well you should be honest. If you're a loud girl, don't be quiet just because you think I might like quiet girls, for example.

    2. Make an effort to look good. But again be honest. If you're the type of girl who's going to stop trying when we become official, then it's better not to try at all in the first place.

    3. I'd be disappointed if we didn't even French kiss.

    • 4. At least offer to pay your half.

    • I agree with 1-3, but curious about 4? I'm all in when it comes to paying for half or paying every other time, but if the guy asks a woman out, shouldn't he pay? Just curious:)

    • Yeah, I'm happy to pay. But it shows that you're polite and that you don't take things for granted.

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  • I expect the both of us to have fun. not sexual fun. just fun. a really good and awesome time.

  • Do your best to be a good conversationalist, and fun. If the other person is as talkative as a wall, not your fault. Just do your best to help conversation keep going (vs a bunch of awkward silences) and banter, don't make the man do all the work.

    Realize that first dates quite often are awkward, introductory phases, and that's why alcohol is great. So if you're not drinking, don't expect magic sparks to fly. It takes time to get used to someone and get past that initial phase.

  • I expect engaging conversation, fun and someone who acts like she wants to be there.


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