What causes a girl to turn off?

I know what turns a girl on.

But what are things guys do that causes a girl to back away.

Just so I can prevent myself from doing it.

Can you please give some examples. /.\

Spread the fail whale. Trust me, you should.

  • Most things guys do turns girls off.
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  • Some things guys do turn girls off.
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  • bad hygiene
    talking about other girls
    checking out other girls
    asking you out without hanging out first
    dumb as a stick
    too insecure
    gets angry easily
    overly aggressive
    high pitched voices
    pretty long hair


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  • Comparing u to other girls, liking other girls, talkin about girl mates , makin a girl jealous , guys they just randomly ask u out with out tryin to get u first, know it alls, facial hair it's painful, guys without emotions that don't care, violent guys, indoor guys, guys that don't show any jealousy, guys that brag or try to buy u with money and make u feel like a gold digger treating girls is enough and guys that make girls cry I always believe a guy should smudge ur lippy not ur mascara oh and my biggest turn off is guys that are late constantly x

  • Obviously being an emotionless, insensitive dick is a major turn off, however I've found that being overly sensitive is too. It's a turn on when a guy can show how he truly feels about you, but being overly soppy and clingy is not attractive. I want my man to be a man sometimes.

  • When you tell a girl that you think this other girl is pretty. .-_-.

    • Definitely Ik I get jelly when a girl talks about how hot another guy is. So I guess it's the same for girls.

    • You bet it is. Looks like we girls and guys have quite a few things in common. ^.^

  • Super turn-ons are when I catch a guy looking at me and he smiles back in a coy, shy kind of way or when he flirtingly makes fun of me...hugely important...when guys get along really well with their moms, children, and animals. Now, that's sexy.

    Turn offs that I have come to notice include excessive cockiness (even though you flex your muscles and show me how ripped your abs are doesn't mean I'm victim to your every whim), lack of personal hygiene, and just simply acting like a jerk. Acting like a tough, macho, insensitive brute won't get you anywhere.

  • Being negative, taking everything too serious and talking about other girls!!!

  • being cocky, stuck up, bad attitude, macho man, annoying

  • If you're in a relationship please don't be that dumb f $@! Who with a jolly smile goes on to talk about his exes or other girls. That ish don't fly, especially when you talk about your sexual encounters.
    You will probably scar the girl and she'll probably cheat on you out of insecurity.
    Happened to me, now I hate sex.

  • Being sloppy...having a super extremely messy house is a total turn off. Especially a dirty bathroom for me...if you can't keep your living space clean, how do I know you keep your body clean? Also bad breath and ugly shoes...that's just a few of mine...I'm weird, and I probably sound like I'm super snobby but I like what I like

    • Nope not really I don't like dirty girls so I guess were both weird :D

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