Relation ship with this girl whos cheating?

Alright so I have been on vacation an someone in my family is telling me that she's letting guys touch her boobs an her ass what do I do?

  • break up with dat hoe
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  • Find out if it's true first, ask where the information came from - did this family member see it or were they told by someone else? If told by someone else ask them where they got the info from and so on. Then ask her about it or the guy she was supposed to be being groped by.

    Lots of people can make something up to break up a couple out of spite or wanting one person for themselves and you should trust your partner over anyone else unless they have a history or have been giving you legitimate reasons not to (I.e shady text messages, guys calling after her and walking out the room to answer, shady web history)


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  • Ask for proof or get them to say to ur gf that they saw her do it and see her reaction if she cries she's asking for attention ignore her if she says she didn't and looks serious then work it out x

  • Talk to her I wouldn't go with hear say


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