How do I get a girlfriend/start a relationship?

A little bit of a background:
1. I am 19 and a guy
2. Absolutely no dating experience
3. Still a virgin, but have kissed a girl before (missed but still counts)
4. High school graduate, pursuing post secondary education
5. Semi-shy personality; reserved around strangers when uncomfortable, yet very outgoing around those I know and comfortable with
6. I am a deep thinker and use plenty of jargon
7. I am a very dedicated, motivated, and pursuant person
8. I frequent the gym, weight lift, and enjoy pushing physical capabilities
9. I have a strong interest in public safety careers
10. I am short in stature (5 feet, 6 inches in height), yet have a decent build
11. Moved to East TN my junior year of high school. Did not fit in that well with barely any friends. Now that I have graduated, I have no friends and no life outside my family, work, volunteering with fire and rescue, and the gym.
12. Do not go to clubs, bars, etc. and wish not to associate myself with those people.
13. I do prefer meeting woman at church, but social groups are small and meet twice a week at most.

What do you recommend?


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm a lot like you. I just want to say don't go looking. If your looking for a relationship you won't get one. If you just go on with normal life and don't look; girls will be all over you.


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What Girls Said 3

  • Honestly you sound like a nice guy. Try going to different places, like instead of going to your "normal" restaurant, go to a different one. Try smiling or just saying hi to random people on the street. Maybe that's all it takes. A girl might notice you, but think you haven't noticed her, so she won't step up. Good luck!

  • Meet people at college, that's the best and easiest place to meet people :)

  • Try a dating site then u will get a girl similar to u x


What Guys Said 2

  • Don't sweat it bro. You seem like a genuine, life driven guy. Girls dig that. All the physical stuff is just cherry on top. Let the girls come to you.

  • Join a bigger gym. Get hit on. Profit.

    You're short though. That will hurt.


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