Girls: do you think she would date me again?

A girl i dated about two years ago once told me that maybe someday we could go out again... And id drop anything and stop pursuing others for hee... WellI thought she disliked me until recently when she's stepped back into my life never indeed having hated me and she won't answer any questions that could have to do with that except a maybe maybe not when I offered to buy her dinner at her favorite place to celebrate something... I've hung out with her a and her sistermore often this recently but I can't read her at all... She goes from seemingly happy to have me there to quite and no longer wanting to talk to anyone its confusing

I don't know she's weird that way even her sister says it... I know she's shy but she's also one of the weird (in a funny way) and most outgoing people I know in the right situations... She goes through guys fast but it hurts me to see her doing that
Plus her sister told me she's never given anyone a second chance before


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  • i think she's going through a rough period. if she seems happy when seeing you, its weird that she changes her mood so drastically. but the fact that she doesn't talk to anyone doesn't seem right.. i think you should give her some time :)

    • Those updates were meant as replies sorry I'm new to this site

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    • Really helpful :)

    • i dont think my opinion was very useful, but i have absolutely no idea why she could be having these extremely varying emotions/expressions. i hope it works out for you though :)

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