Am I talking to too many guys? does it seem like I'm using them?

so I have been talking to several guys over the past few months and Im still talking to several like 5 and I feel really overwhelmed because i don't want to hurt anyone and I'm not in a relationship so i don't feel like its wrong to talk to all of them and go on dates if they ask... and i don't mind having a little fun but apart of me feels quilty...idk what to do or if what I'm doing is wrong. id like opions thanks! Also if so how do i lessen the relationships they are all super nice but none have made commitment moves.

  • Your fine its normal
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  • lessen your numbers
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  • you are using these guys
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  • stop talking to all
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  • As long as you're open and honest about talking to other guys, but not in a bragging way, then it shouldn't be a problem. Some will not want to but simply calling it "casual" should make it understood that seeing other people is fair game. Some prefer "exclusive dating" when they don't like the idea of seeing one person then hopping over to the next.


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  • there's nothing wrong with talking, however they may eventually get tired

  • Its not a Big deal u not in a relationship if one dem niggas got a problem wit it tell em to cuff u.


What Girls Said 2

  • I was the same way, it's totally fine. Just don't lie because that's what causes you more stress.

  • As time goes on your numbers in guys should decrease because you should figure out which you like me. But so far just have fun and figure that out in time.