If a guy offers to talk about something does he actually want to? And if so does he get offended when you don't?

My boyfriend always wants me to talk about things. Like I had a bad day yesterday and he offered to talk about it which I didn't want to do. I thanked him but didn't talk about it.


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  • We ask because we wanna hear. We usually don't wanna hear stuff from people so if he offers he probably cares


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  • Conversation is a way we show others we care and are interested. If you declined to talk about your day, fine, but he was showing he cared by asking. Next time tell him, or he may stop asking.

    • Okay. Thanks. I'm just not into discussing feelings and shit.

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    • Yeah, wth. You don't much seem concerned how he feels.

    • I just said I would... if he needed to.

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