About to have the " talk " with on again off again gf and getting really nervous?

planning on trying to see her later tonight as she works at nearby golf course. but I'm getting really nervous , I would however feel better if there was some clarity on the whole situation as I feel she's been hard to communicate with and not clear what she wanted from me

any advice how to go about trying to have this conversation is an approiate manner that she'd be comfortable with


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  • I know it is probably happened but what talk were you talking about? Like dumping her?

    • well I have seen her since then obviously but never had an in depth conversation with her about the issues we had been having. I was trying to dump her but rather improve things somehow , my strategy didn't work as she seems to be seeing another guy now so were really off at moment. I don't know some situations just become too messy to clear up and people need a break from each other even if they enjoy being together

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    • Oh I am sorry :(

    • Look if you need any more advice, I can help.

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