Do guys get scared of feelings?

I've been seeing this guy for 9 months. I'm confused what he wants from me. We talk almost every day multiple times a day. He shows up where he knows I will be but just stops & says a hello or will wave from afar. I've waited to see if he will contact me first and he does then will say things like why haven't u called. I've felt like he was distant a few times so I back off and say let's just be friends but he says I'm going to far. If I say he isn't showing me enough attention he makes an effort BUT we don't see each other often and he says he's not ready for a serious relationship. When we do go out we do a lot of different things and he's a gentlemen, opening doors, pulling out my chair. We didn't become intimate until recently. Before that it seemed like he wanted to but avoided it.

I know no one can tell me what he wants so my question is, do men keep their distance if they like a woman but are afraid of a commitment or will they go for it even if they aren't ready if they really liked you? Also would a man keep a woman around if he didn't have feelings for even if they don't have sex?


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  • I'm not sure of scared but usually we do express our feelings different. If a guy keeps his distance I'd say its because he doesn't want to be with the girl, but doesn't want to break up either/doesn't know how. If you're in a sexual relationship and then it stops. That's a very bad sign


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