I can't get this girl out of my head. Do I still have a chance even though she lost interest because I didn't make a move?

So there's this girl I have quite a crush on.
We did a lot of stuff together in the past and I developed romantic feelings for her. I'm also sure that she did as well because she always tried to be around and touch me.
I didn't have that much experience with girls that time as she was one of the first girls I dated. I simply didn't have the guts to make a move even though she was interested. I was always thinking I would do something wrong and put her off. Anyway, some weeks later she lost interest because I wasn't able to act like a man. (I'm 21 by the way)
I learned to be bold and just make a move whenever I get even the slightest feeling she wants it too.

I avoided her for some months in order to get over her but now every time I see her again I get this crazy feeling that I want her and ONLY her.
Is there still a chance despite her "rejecting" me?

Any advice would be very much appreciated,
thanks in advance.


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  • its really hard cause if a guy does that to me, he doesn't return interest in me, i lose hope and move on. i take it as he rejected me. when a guy rejects a girl its the worse she will never trust u again.

    unless u want a relationship with her and aren't just flirting around, u could write her a sincere apology letter and tell her the truth just like u told us. if u wanna win in life u have to do every step with honesty.


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