So I went looking for ex gf at her work and couldn't find her but meet this other girl who seemed interesting?

really odd but I had wanted to talk to on again off again gf or maybe ex gf tonight and get some answers about things that are bothering me but she wasn't there. but oddly enough I meet this other girl who works as a server at golf course where she works and she seemed interesting and had some potential and works like just down the street from where I live.

I don't know if ex is a total lost cause I'd be willing to consider this other girl and she seemed kind of interested in me. but fact she works with other girl I sort of dated and was friends with might make things akward. but yeah do still really like ex and have deep feelings for her but if its never going to be anything again I really need to see what else is out there and this new girl seemed interesting and she lives near me as well , now I'm even more confused about things


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  • pick the ex or neither - if you end up talking to this girl and the ex finds out you lose both or create a problem with coworkers.

    • well I already talked to her as I was just there , but nothing really happened , she just served me one beer and I wasn't even there for that long , never meet this other girl before oddly enough and we live in very small town , I don't know I though she had potential , but do agree ex or whatever she is to me could cause trouble and tell this new girl bad things about me as that has been happening

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