Can anyone like give me any advice?

Okay, it been about two year since i've been with my ex boyfriend. We were together for two years and i take my relationship seriously. Anyways he was cheating and we were having an off an on type of relationship. He hated when i talk, hug, and play around with my guy friends, and yes they were just friends. But i would always see him walking with other girls, talking with other girls, and hugging them, yet he was always mad when one of my guy friend did that with and when he also saw them holding my stuff when walking. by the way this is at school. Anyways it been two year since the last time i broke up with him. But my heart is still hurting from being with out him, yeah i love him, i gave him every part of me. My problem know though is moving on and trying to be with other guys. Im trying so hard to trust again, but how can i trust people, guys and girls, when they are always hurting me. Can someone please help?


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  • Ok im had a semi same problem, but I talked to someone else not leading them on like that and he broke up with me calling it "cheating" a week later..btw my bday week he is with this other girl now. Im belittled myself to try in win his heart back and he would take it in and reel it back out and played me so hard in the process. For that I have and will NEVER BEG FOR A BOY AGAIN. Months later I met this boy needless to say he was fine!!! But I just couldn't have any emotion to him because of the gate I had for my ex boyfriend.but as we got closer so my walls I put up began to fall. I sometimes still think about my ex and we even try to talk from time to time but the moral of this story is when you find the right one he will break those defensive walls you've put up and make it even more enjoyable. My advice never treat the next like your ex.

    • im just so scared though. Like the things i did for my ex most of the time humilated (so for spelling the word wrong) me. I do anything for the people i love, im loyal to the end. But now im just lost and confused. Im trying to find myself again, to be perfect. I dont want to get hurt again, i dont want to put my heart on the line, and that because of my stupid past. So im with you, because im not doing the chasing anymore, im not asking the guy i like out first anymore. But im just stuck right know, stuck in the pain. I hope everything pull through for you, thank you. And like a tell my other female friends, if a boy hurt you don't hesitate to tell my cause i dont care where you are in the world im gonna come and whoop his behind kml. If you need someone to talk to or vent, i might not be the best advice giver, but ill be here for you. (^_^) Thanks again.

    • Not to come off rude in anyway, but take your own advice.youve had two years to let this manifest in your head, now lets party! You will never know if your truly over him until you meet someone new. Thanks by the way though lol. And your friends need to push you to meet people how many years will you "find yourself" and still be lonely. Girl (idk if your the drinking age) take one back and mingle.

    • Lol, part yi will. I'm 15 and dont plan to drink, already appointed myself, when the time comes, to be the driver when my friends get wasted. im cool with my chocolate addiction thou. kml

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