Is it wrong to date a guy from a dating site my friend had two dates with a year ago?

I am pretty sure it's the same guy. Last year we were both on site and he messaged us both but I let her have him. She never knew he messaged me. Now he messaged me online a year later it's a different site. And she has a boyfriend now. Plus they only went on two dates and she ended it. It's fine for me to date him right?

I feel like she would date him if she was in my shoes.


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  • No!!! CHICKS BEFORE DICKS! If you guys last, she will hate you. She won't tell you, ever. It's bad to say but even if she went on one date with him and it was horrible she's going to view him as 'hers'. As her friend she expects loyalty from you and that's breaking it. I you let her have him leave it at that and move on. There is plenty of other fishes in the sea.