Is this guy fake or just clingy?

So I met a guy online a couple of weeks ago. He's really good looking (models on the side) has a good job and seems pretty successful. He asked for my number and has been been texting me almost every day ever since but he has never called. He always texts me first to ask how I'm doing and I don't think I've ever had a guy text to me every day, especially a gorgeous one! I've been very polite in answering but I haven't been too eager to protect myself emotionally. We live two hours away from each other but we made arrangements to meet up this weekend and he said he was very exited.

I did some research on his name and it looks like he is a real person and everything he said has been true (ie his education, job, the fact that he's a model) But I'm just not sure. Why would a good looking, successful guy be on a dating site when I'm sure he can get any girl in real life? I know I'm pretty good looking myself but I'm definitely no model!


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  • Because dating sites are a great way to prescreen people without paying for actual dates. Plus, there are lots of people that may be a great match for you, and they could live right next door, but you'll never really see them in real life if you walk out opposite sides of the building.

    Just go meet the guy, but tell a friend first. And be on the phone as you walk to wherever you meet him, and make sure he sees you on the phone.


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