Need some help.. what's the best advice / quote you have for moving on? Please?

What's the best advice you've been given / the best quote you've heard about moving on or about letting go when you know you deserve better?

Thanks so much :) xo


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  • My favorite poem it's called after a while by Veronica Shoffstall

    After a while you learn
    the subtle difference between
    holding a hand and chaining a soul
    and you learn
    that love doesn’t mean leaning
    and company doesn’t always mean security.
    And you begin to learn
    that kisses aren’t contracts
    and presents aren’t promises
    and you begin to accept your defeats
    with your head up and your eyes ahead
    with the grace of woman,
    not the grief of a child
    and you learn
    to build all your roads on today
    because tomorrow’s ground is
    too uncertain for plans
    and futures have a way of falling down
    in mid-flight.
    After a while you learn
    that even sunshine burns
    if you get too much
    so you plant your own garden
    and decorate your own soul
    instead of waiting for someone
    to bring you flowers.
    And you learn that you really can endure
    you really are strong
    you really do have worth
    and you learn
    and you learn
    with every goodbye, you learn…


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  • Best advice. Hmm. I could give you one of the cliche, bullshit phrases like, "There're more fish in the sea." Or, "He wasn't good enough for you anyway," but I won't. I'll give you one that will most likely be much more accurate in the long run.

    "It's going to hurt for a long, long time depending on how much you loved them. In fact, the pain may never go away. You may love that person for decades after you've moved on. Though, with time, you'll start to forget about them more and more. Then, every once in awhile--sometimes more often, sometimes less--you'll remember them. And it will tear a hole in your heart larger than any you've had before. Your eyes will water, your chest will feel tight, your legs will feel weak, and you'll feel like dying for a little while. You'll remember how good they made you feel, and all the good times you had, and you'll compare that to your current situation, laying in bed alone thinking of the futile past. Then you'll fall asleep. You'll wake up the next morning and forget about them. Then, if you're very, very lucky, sometime after, you'll find someone who will take away a bit of the pain and forget about that other person more and more until they're a distant memory of good times you once had."

    "Time heals all wounds" I suppose.

  • "Don't chase, replace"


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  • I can tell you about my personal experience very briefly. Me and this guy liked each other, went to prom, went out, we were really into each other, I was more into him than he was into me I guess (his ex slept with someone else while they were dating so he had trust issues i get it), He kept braking off plans with me and I finally realized I deserved more than this. I ended up breaking up with him because I knew I had to, i wasn't happy when he broke plans and promises. One quote that helped was, "Theres a difference between giving up and letting go", I'm not going to lie, moving on can be hard especially when you still like them. For me I cried my eyes out when I broke up with him because it's not that I didn't like him, it was he didn't put me first at all, he didn't appreciate what he had. "If you love it, set it free. If it comes back to you, it's yours to keep. If it doesn't then it was never yours". The fact that you knew you deserved more and better tells me you were unhappy, that you feel like you should have been treated better and you should have. Hold onto that feeling of knowing you did the right thing! Message me if you want to talk

  • "Let go or be dragged." -Zen Proverb

  • Mine is, Count your life with smiles and not the tears that roll.

  • “Being happy is a very personal thing—and it really has nothing to do with anyone else.”