Am I in love with my boyfriend?

So me and my boyfriend, we've been in this relationship for almost 6 months now, he says that he loves me, and I think he really does bcs he's the best I've ever had, he really cares for my feelings, accepts me for who I am. But we've only met 6 months ago bcs I moved to a new school and he made a move that instant and now here we are. It started off pretty quickly but so far we're doing fine. He once cried bcs he thought I was gonna leave him. That really made my heart broke. I wasn't gonna leave him though. And I've cried bcs I'm scared that he's gonna leave me and all. He's in love with me but I don't know if I'm in love with him. Yes I miss him when we're not around each other but when we haven't seen each other in a couple of days, the feelings just fade? But once we meet and all, the feelings do come back? What is wrong with me I feel so bad and guilty but I do love him? At least I think so


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  • It's taken me a long time to realise that love is subjective - it's different to every person.

    For me, I wouldn't call it love if feelings fade when you're not together. That suggests it's more of an infatuation, or that you enjoy his attention and care. That's understandable, and who knows, maybe that will change. I hate to use the cliche, but you're very young. Your relationship is young. It's hard to feel such deep feelings when you don't have a lot of life experience (coming from someone who thought she was in love at 16 and was a complete idiot lol).


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  • From a guys perspective, im telling you that you dont love him. You just want him, his attention and his time. But changing school just because of the girl. This guy loves you a lot ALOT! NEVER LET GO OF HIM!


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  • You're feelings fade when you're not around him? Oh god, no doesn't sound like you're in love with him. I've been dating my bf for 4 years now, he's been away for 9 months living in another state but he's back now and every minute he's away from me I miss him so much. Feelings never fade while we're apart it makes me wanna see him more and drown him in kisses and cuddle him and hold him..never wanting to have him go away for so long ever again. You'll know when you're in love.

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