I don't understand this boy? What should I do tonight?

So I was at this group movie night last Saturday. There's this guy I don't actually know very well, but I've been crushing on him for like EVER and he's really cute! We watched two horror movies, which totally freak me out and I scream a ton! I ended up on one of the couches with my crush with my head in his lap and holding his hand with my other hand holding his arm. He would squeeze my hand at the scary parts, and at one point he started rubbing his thumb in a little circle on my hand. Also, when we weren't holding hands, he sort of held both of his arms around me like he was protecting me at the scary parts. This made me think he MIGHT like me.. The day after (Sunday) one of the other boys at the movie night who's good friends with my crush texted me. Some of the things he said were "Hmmm u should talk to him he's a good guy and i could see u together" and then I said he wouldn't like me and my friend said "I know for a fact he would" so I was all like what and he said "Yeahhh last night after he said he kinda likes u Or that he would try to go for u so yes he would date u why do u like him.. Let me rephrase that he thinks he would like u" so then I'm like woah. BUT my friend gave me my crushes number and I texted him and he NEVER replied and I see him in the halls sometimes and we occasionally make eye contact but NEVER talk. There's this dance on Today but my crush isn't going. My friend later texted me saying "Hey um he still wants to be special friends with u he's just not going to semi we might have an after party and he will go to tht" so I'll see him later tonight. Four other girls and four other guys will be there two. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

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I'm seeing him really soon! Super nervous... he's sending more mixed signals. Today I was walking around and started playing "apples to apples" with him (and other people) and he didn't say anything to me...


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  • You should tell him that you really like him.

    • How do I tell him? I'm really worried he doesn't like me and then it'd be really awkward... Again, I don't really know him so I feel like it'd be weird to tell him that yet. And I have really low self confidence and am really insecure, so I don't think I could have the courage to say it.

    • So what if it's awkward. Give it a shot. You have the courage...you just have to do it.

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  • Get your little tush down to that after party.


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