Do polish guys like Thai/Asian girls?

The polish guy im talking to he is so interesting and very smart guy. We never met in person, yeah. I heard that Polish people has an issue about race and religion. They are what im concerning about.

(Sorry for my English)


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  • Sa what di krop. Everyone is equal opportunity when it comes to sex. No one has an issue with race or religion if you have the desired equipment below your belt. All males love especially cute Asian girls. Even lots of females love Asian girls.

    A good approach to any Western guy is direct eye contact and smile smile smile as those beautiful Thai girls are famous for. Just be sure you are in control and in a safe social setting.

    • Umm.. What makes you think it is about sex? Or the fact that i am Thai?
      thank you for replying by the way :)

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    • Ohh.. Please tell me what are cultural differences that you found really opposite to Thai.

    • First of all, when you read "sex" above you thought of sex like fucking while I mention sex as in gender and its role in social intercourse. I did not mean sex as in sexual intercourse. And Thailand is famous for being "sex positive." You will note that Thai people smile a lot more than elsewhere in Asia and the world, and they seem friendlier to farang than in other countries, especially more friendly than in India and East Asia. And I assume here you are Buddhist and not one of those Dutch Xtian missionary children. Most Westerners do not respect religion, bow to others, or respect kingly persons because everyone shares the same social class. We do not eat bugs, we never squat to defecate, have separate restrooms for the sexes (that word again). We sometimes talk loud and lose our temper without restraint. These are only the superficial things. Subtle differences of the mind take longer to grasp, so there's much more but I'm out of space. But we both don't eat dogs, so good for that.

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  • I guess you could say you want to stroke his pole


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  • This is just so horrible specific and weird. Every guy has a type. If he's talking to you, he doesn't care that you're Asian lol

    • I did think so until i read about Polish guys on internet. The most ridiculous thing i ever done :(, it worries me.

  • Why don't you ask your polish guy? He's different then every other polish guy out there