I think that my crush is still in love with his ex but he does not admit it.. and even though he denies it he still fall for her every time?

there is this boy that I really like.. about a month ago his ex broke up with him and and at that point we became real close friends, we talk all the time about anything. but there was this party and he went with his friends were he got drunk and while dancing his ex moved towards him and kissed him.. he told me everything that happened and later on she started to talk to him again, he talked to her and helped her in everything but he told me that he realised that he could not go on like this, first she breaks up with him then she does this he told me that he didn't know what to do so he told her that he is not interested anymore and things could not go on like this.. this time there was another party and the same thing happened but this time my friend told me that she saw him kissing her again since that day we did not talk that much and I don't want to annoy him.. but I don't know what to do I really like him and I don't want him to end up hurting again.. What can I do?

please I need someone's opinion


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  • If you guys are good friends, just tell him how you really feel (about him getting hurt and you liking him part). If he continues to like his ex and you genuinely want to help him, then just stick by his side the whole time.


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  • You need to give that guy an ultimatum, and tell him how you, feel about this. Tell him that you like him, and you can't go on like this, and give him the decision: either he stays with you, or he goes.

  • Without sounding harsh, your friend needs to wake up and stop hoping that something comes of nothing.be careful what you say to him as he may get offended.if he hasn't learned by now he never will darling.


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