This is complicated what do you think?

Cut a long story short I met a guy off the net 8 months ago he lives 200 miles away but we have met up 5 times since and have slept together twice , the sex is amazing we like sleeping together we both admit we have became attached to each other and like each other he says he cares for me we tell each other everything , we text every day for all the 8 months and call each other when we can because of work hours , we have great chemistry and when we are together we have such a great time we talk play , there's been times when I've been moody with him and mean but he always Worrys about me and never gets annoyed and always forgives , when we met up the other night we didn't have sex we just talked and cuddled he said he hasn't felt this way in a long time , meaning all the effection I give him , the only problem is he has gf he's been with her since childhood on n off she's cheated on him in the past , he tells me everything and he admits he finds it hard to show emotion and to open up , I think the world of him but I'm not in love I do care for him , I can't let go yes we will always be good friends but I feel like I've met my soul mate who will never be mine :( we are in our early 30s , what do you think I should do? I have feelings for him but not in love , but what is love?


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  • Youu had a friends with benefits relationship. It's not soul attraction.