I met this gut online and I'm not sure if I should tell him I like him?

I met this guy online about 8 months back. We've been talking almost everyday ever since. I really like talking to him and as cliche and cheesy as it sounds, I think about him all the time. He's from Texas and I'm from India. If he says yes and then the whole long distance doesn't work out we might stop talking and I don't want that to happen. And if he doesn't feel the same way things will turn awkward. What should I do?

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  • Oh I am in a similar situation. I met this girl on KIK but she is from the USA and I am from Malta. I really find her attractive but I am not sure if she likes me that much although sometimes she seems that she likes me quite a bit as well. Anyways I think you should tell him of course. You would not harm the relationship because of that. He might be very happy to hear that actually. I would be very glad to here that from her. She would make feel liked and maybe loved by her :) So go for it. Goodluck :)


What Girls Said 1

  • If he has given you all this time for 8 months, he must like you. Just tell him.

    • I really like and don't want to loose him. I'm scared of the risk. Should I really tell him?

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    • Due to the time difference and stuff he stays awake till late occasionally to talk to me and yeah sometimes he does say that I am funny and my smile and eyes are good.

    • Sure tell him